6502 Arcade Machine


UCSB IEEE is working on a large project where we build an arcade machine based on a 6502 microprocessor. I.E. no microcontrollers! Only the 6502 microprocessor, ROM and RAM ICs, and FPGA(s).

Current State

The hardware prototype has been finished on breadboards. It works with both the Nexys A7-100T and Cmod A7-35T Artix-7 development boards. All peripherals (GPU, ROM, RAM, VGA port, controller ports) work. Our next step is writing the software.

For the software, we are currently trying to configure a custom cc65 linker so that we can simply write the games in C instead of 6502 assembly. Check back for updates!

picture The arcade machine plugged into a monitor.

cmod The breadboard circuit with a Cmod A7.

nexys_a7 The breadboard circuit with a Nexys A7.

How to Contribute

To contribute, just follow this guide: GitHub Guide.

Issue lists: